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RLR Group


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Mission Statement

For the World of Business today and beyond, we aim to: provide Business Technology & Marketing solutions, introducing new dimensions and understanding.

This shall enable and empower our customers.

We are

  • An effective and proven marketer
  • with a track record of quantifiable business achievements
  • Extensive experience both in consultancy and within industry
  • Strong analytical and strategic planning skills allied to the highest level of creativity and new product development skills
  • Excellent communicator in business strategy.


  • RLR Group is ready to guide you building your strategic planning for your business
  • We believe we have the right connections; something is very essential to have for a curtail business environments
  • We have already spoken to business partners, influential business people, Royal businessmen and women ready to conduct business

Commencing Business:

Ways of conducting businesses in Saudi

  1. Corporation with other local company, normally, 50% for each.
  2. Exclusive Agencies given to a local company, normally, 10-15%.
  3. Representatives / Distributors for foreign companies, normally, 10-15%.
  4. Foreign Investor through the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA).
  5. Partnership of Business with a Mark-up between 20-30% depending on the type of contract.

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